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Online Physiotherapy: Experts provide you with regular consultations from the comfort of your home!

by HE Times

hysiotherapy is a conservative treatment approach to restore, maintain & make most of the patient mobility, function and well-being. It’s a science that at the core involve patient’s in their own care through education, awareness, empowerment and participation in their treatment.

If you are in a remote location avoiding your appointments due to fear of getting caught in heavy traffic or don’t want to be in the waiting room then Online physiotherapy is a great option. Here you get consultation in your comfort zone, at your convenient time and a guided session helps you in fast recovery.

Health and Environment Times recently got a number of queries related to physiotherapy through its social media platforms. It was not only from India, but the questions also came from across the globe through the designated mediums. Dr. Patli Pathak (Founder Thyphysio having more than 12 years of experience) and  a well-known physiotherapist is now answering some of these important questions.

Dr. Patli Pathak: Long working hours are giving you pain means your muscles are in one position for a long time period. Take break after every one and a half hour, get up from your place move around for 10 min,give good stretch to muscles around neck, upper back, lower back ,legs and hands.

Dr. Patli Pathak: Physiotherapy has come long way and many techniques have been developed and most important your body has been designed to heal by itself as long as you got to know what to do and what not to do to strengthen that body part. If needed we ask you to use things available at home .For e.g tennis ball, hand-towel, dupatta etc.

Dr. Patli Pathak :There are many reasons of low back pain. We need to check first whether the reason is muscle or disc. Accordingly we decide stretching and strengthening.

Dr. Patli Pathak :We provide online services for musculoskeletal and card respiratory conditions for adults. Offline we treat all conditions.

Dr. Patli Pathak :There will be tightness and some trigger points will be there, release them, apply ice pack on painfully areas. Than you also need to check whether you have pain in muscles down the elbow also if yes release them.

Dr. Patli Pathak :Our body is made up of many big and small muscles and joints which will work only if we are active. Most of us are living sedentary life. For e.g long hours in front of laptop, mobile, or t.v.

Avoid sitting for more than an hour move around, give some nice stretch to muscles around your neck and upper &lower back. You can go for brisk walk,jogging,swimming, cycling,yoga etc for strengthening.

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