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Delhi’s 6th sero-survey: Over 97% of people have antibodies against Covid-19

by HE Times
New Delhi/28th October 2021/HE Times Bureau

  • Sixth sero-survey shows positive results in Delhi; almost all the vaccinated people have developed antibodies.

  •  Male population have fewer antibodies as compared to females

he Delhi government has announced the results of the sixth serological survey in the capital. In this regard, Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendar Jain held a press conference on Thursday.
He announced that the sixth sero-survey has given a positive result in Delhi. The report shows that 97% of the population of Delhi have antibodies against Covid-19.
A total of 280 wards were surveyed and 100 samples were collected from each ward. Shri Satyendar Jain urged the people of Delhi to wear a mask and take proper precautions while getting out of their houses or going to work.
The Delhi Government began the sixth serological survey last month to find out the percentage of the population that has antibodies against Covid-19, either through natural infections or vaccination.
Satyendar Jain said, “The survey was done in 280 wards of Delhi. 100 samples from each ward were collected. The government collected 28,000 samples of random people from all these 280 wards.
Sero-prevalence was higher in females (90.1%) as compared to males with only (88.2%) positivity. Sero survey was conducted in all the 11 districts of the national capital and the data showed that 97% of people have antibodies against Covid-19”.
 This sero-survey showed that the population with a past history of symptomatic Covid-19 infection irrespective of severity had significantly higher odds of seropositivity compared to those without such history.
Health Minister further added that among the population those who had a history of Covid-19 Vaccination with even one dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine, nearly 95% were sero-positive compared to 82% in both i.e minors who were ineligible for vaccination and also the unvaccinated adults at the time of the survey. The result shows that 97% of the population have antibodies against Covid-19.
The minister also stated that this percentage of positivity has grown significantly from the first sero-survey i.e. the first sero-survey that was conducted in June 2020 showed only 22.86% positivity, the second sero-survey that was conducted in august 2020 depicted 29.1% positivity.
The third sero-survey which was conducted in September 2020 showed 25.1% positivity. The fourth sero-survey that was conducted in October 2020 showed positivity of 25.5%. The sero-survey was conducted in January 2021 showed a positivity rate of 56.13%.

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