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It Could Have Been Better To Spend U.S. Dollars in Building Robots Backed Afghan Army: Says Analyst

by HE Times
20th Aug. 2021, New Delhi

s per reports, US spent over 83 Billion US Dollars in building and training Afghan Army and Security Forces since 2002, which ultimately went into vain due to recent collapse of Afghan regime without even giving back any firm military response to the invader Taliban.
Though such quick collapse of Afghan regime and its army came up as surprise, however as per Analyst of 5 Jewels Research,  It Could Have Been Better To Spend U.S. Dollars In Building Robots Backed Afghan Army.
Commenting on this, Chief Analyst of 5Jewels Research Sumant Parimal said Though US and its allies spent Billions of Dollars in equipping and training Afghan Army, but by seeing present scenarios of Afghanistan it can be certainly pointed out that it’s not the military equipment and machines which failed, but its failure of human behind those machines.

In such circumstances, it could have been better to deploy AI enabled Military and Security Robots on the streets of Kabul and other places in Afghanistan to defend its people and legitimate Government. Such AI Robotics based defense system have better intelligence and definite intent to automatically trigger usages of protective arms and ammunition under such violent conflicts which Afghanistan is witnessing presently.
Let this episode of fall of Afghan Army to be treated as lesson for other countries who spends heavily in defense budget, to build large portfolios of AI driven Robotics Army battalions such that strong military protection gets deployed and used swiftly without much human interventions.
In my views, U.S. and its allies should also develop Robots backed international peace keeping military forces such that it gets swiftly deployed and used in conflict zones, which also reduces human casualties in armed forces and reduces dependency on manual combat operations, Sumant Parimal said further.

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