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Covid 19 : Importance of post covid Rehabilitation !

by HE Times
HIGHLIGHTS : After COVID-19 disease, patients will experience a variety of problems with normal functioning and will require rehabilitation. This article is about importance of rehabilitation- breathing techniques, general mobility and strengthening exercises post discharge or when patient has finished his/her quarantine period. hen a person is infected with covid-19 it gives him/her anxiety, distress etc, even if he or she is asymptomatic. If a person is symptomatic, the virus affects him/her physiologically, psychologically and physically. And if a patient is admitted to critical care, the mechanical ventilation and supportive care put them at high risk to develop post intensive care syndrome.

In any of above cases, a patient needs rehabilitation. Rehabilitation should start as soon as the patient is clinically stable. Early mobilization and exercise prevent, relieve or help patient to recover from impairments and limitations.
Early rehabilitation intervention can bring hope and confidence to individual, but the exercise prescription must consider clinical conditions while developing and delivering rehabilitation programs to support recovery from covid-19.The inclusion of behavioral changes should be integral and must be explicit and well described to facilitate implementation in health care settings.
The key is to go slow. A patient should not rush back to work as soon as he/she is discharged from hospital or has finished home quarantine. He/she should take one week of rest and continue exercise prescribed by physiotherapist.
For e.g. If an individual is clinically stable post covid-19, then can start with active cycle of breathing exercises: the first one is breathing control; the second is deep breathing and the third one is huffing. Then light exercises like bird -dog, windshield, toe- standing etc. can be added according to patient’s condition. After that one can start with 10 minutes of walk (increase the time gradually depending on patient condition) followed by active stretches.
Exercises and number of repetitions should be increased slowly depending on individual’sconditions. Patient should not over exert. In case of breathlessness or any other complication, one should consult their doctor immediately.
Researches have shown that early rehabilitation helps the patient to come up not only physiologically but also physically and Pschycologically.

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