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Delhi Government school students come up with groundbreaking ideas such as automatic LED bulbs, gas leakage rescue alarms, unique tie and dye apparel

by HE Times
NEW DELHI: 26th December 2021/Pragya Vaibhav

usiness Blasters, Kejriwal Government’s inventive show is laying the ground for the world’s next generation of CEOs. It aired its fifth episode on Sunday, December 26, 2021. After drawing attention and praise from Indians across states, the episode featured students of Delhi Government schools who pitched their innovative business ideas to judges Ravi Gupta, Founder & President of GIL Connections, Divya Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO momsjoy.com,  and Dy. CM of Delhi, Manish Sisodia.


Government school students in Delhi develop a cost-effective alarm to prevent gas leak
The first team on the show was the Safe Kitchen, known as Digital Solution on their Social Media channels. Currently in 12th grade, the team of 9 members have come up with the most noble idea of preventing gas leakage with the help of an alarm. Aman, the team lead, says, “When we were introduced to Business Blasters, we had a lot of ideas. But after doing a thorough amount of research, we found that the accidents caused by gas leakage have become very frequent and most of the preventive alarms present in the market cost around Rs.1500-8000. As a team, we wanted to be someone who could help the community and come up with the most cost-effective alarm which costs only Rs.700.” Aman mentioned that it is a great feeling to know that they are someone who can be a job provider rather than a seeker. The team mentions that they are currently lined up with 40 more orders and are working on the alarm’s 2.0 model. The team bagged a combined investment of INR 80,000 from both investors on the show.
Ambitious team of 5 young business stars launch an exquisite and unique tie and dye apparel line
The second team on the show was a highly ambitious group of 5 girls with dreams to take their venture to the next level by being part of fashion shows and providing their apparel. Known by the name ‘Rangbahar Apparels’ – this venture offers the most exquisite and unique designs made using the tie and dye technique on high-quality fabric with additional tassels and creative design. The team mentions that they first presented their work in a Diwali Mela at school and were highly appreciated by their mentors, family and customers. From then on, they never looked back and started to work diligently for this venture, conducted market surveys, and learned to pitch their ideas to nearby shops and people. Team lead Megha mentioned that they plan to collaborate with other Business Blasters teams to expand their work. Megha shares, “I saw my sister doing this work for one of her projects which inspired me to take this up as a business idea and I will be taking this forward along with my studies” The team bagged an amount of INR 60,000 from the investors and also a promising space for their unit along with orders and provision of fabric from Divya Gupta. Team Rangbahar has been getting orders from both national and international levels.
Delhi Government school students invent an automatic LED light, which works in the absence of electricity
The third team on the show was ‘Light Craft’, a group of 7 members led by Rehman. The team presented a very innovative model of Automatic LED Bulb, which is charged using a battery during the day and lights up when there is no electricity. He mentions that this innovation’s central idea/motive is to provide light in his village in Uttar Pradesh. Rehman shared that whenever he visits his village, there is usually no light in the evening and basic activities like cooking and studying are hindered. Hence, he and his friends came up with the idea to help and started this venture with the help of Business Blasters. “The idea has really helped me think beyond my capacities and I wish to continue it as my part-time business along with studies and I am grateful that my parents too are supportive of this.” The team has been getting good responses from the market and getting orders from social media platforms. Team Light Craft bagged a combined investment of Rs. 70,000 from both the investors.
Business Blasters is a practical component of EMC for classes 11th and 12th and has been designed to provide our students an experience to work in teams, brainstorm and identify social challenges or business opportunities, prepare business plans and implement their ideas in their neighbourhoods. All participating students can receive seed money of Rs. 2000 per student. The teams will use this seed money with a clear objective to either earn profit or create social impact.

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